New business introduces itself in an exciting way

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Dustin Peltier and Rachel Isaak recently started their own culinary business, specializing in cheese-making, cake baking and catering.

The pair’s catering business is located in Winnipeg, while the cheese-making takes place just outside of Woodlands.

The couple recently catered an event at Watersong Farms, where they shocked guests with both the high quality of their five-course meal and with a surprise engagement.

“We had some friends and family in the crowd, as doing these events is such an important part of our lives,” said Peltier. “It just felt like a great moment to tie everything together.”

The event took place at Watersong’s house, where his in-house chef, Jeff Rice, collaborated with Peltier and Isaak on the meal plan. Courses included high-quality ingredients like trout ceviche, seared steelhead, confit Watersong Farms chicken thighs, pistachio dacquoise sponge and much more.

“The goal of the event was to celebrate some of the local produce and farmers that we have in this province,” said Isaak. “The menu was designed to highlight this.”

While catering is a big part of the pair’s new business, another significant aspect of it is their newly-found love of cheese-making.

Peltier and Issak got into cheese-making when they went to visit Brother Alberic, a monk from the monastery in Holland, Manitoba.

The couple spent a year under Brother Alberic’s mentorship, learning his Monastic style and his recipes, which date back to 300 years ago.

The couple plan to continue following Brother Alberic’s methods, producing raw and unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese that is hand washed daily and aged for 60 days.

“We never really set out to become cheese makers,” said Peltier. “The more time we spent talking with Brother Alberic, the more we realized that if we didn’t step up and do something, this cheese and its tradition would be lost as he was the last person in North America making this unpasteurized cheese in this style.”

“We have a passion for where our food comes from and who is producing it,” added Peltier. “We are hoping to bring a full circle system to how food is produced, how it’s prepared and even how waste is handled and integrated back into the cycle through compost and animal feed.”

The couple believes that their flavours and dishes give them reason to stand on their own. For more information about Loaf and Honey, visit