Argyle museum plans to host art, culture festival

Shayne Campbell, founder and curator of the Settlers, Rails & Trails Museum, speaks at the Brant-Argyle School Spring Tea inside Argyle Community Hall in Argyle, Man. on May 10, 2019. (File photo: Adam Peleshaty/The Stonewall Argus and Teulon Times/Postmedia Network)

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Settlers, Rails and Trails are inviting artists from the south Interlake to showcase their works throughout most of the new year.

Shayne Campbell, the founder and curator of the museum located in the basement of the Argyle Community Hall, hosted a pair of presentations on the proposed Art & Culture Festival 2020, which would run from March of next year to February 2021. The festival would include exhibits showing works from local artists as well as artistic and cultural activities including educational classes.

Campbell wrote in an email to The Stonewall Argus and Teulon Times that the idea for the festival came from the museum’s board of directors and with Manitoba 150 coming up, it seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

“With the Celebrate 150 funding, we could apply and hope to make this idea a reality. We want to show our community that the museum is more than just history, that we embrace and support the art and culture of our region,” he wrote.

The focus will be on artists from the south Interlake or artworks showcasing the local area. A total of 260 artworks of various mediums are needed for the festival and there will be frames, pedestals, a hanging system, lighting and signage included. There will also be a community outreach component, inviting members of the community to see the works. Performing artists are also invited to perform in the gallery.

However, due to the artistic arrivals, most of the artifacts currently shown at the museum would have to be moved. The artworks would be open for the public for at least 20 days plus tours. Campbell hopes for a positive response from his own community and others.

“The museum will attract artists and visitors (as it has in the past with our historic exhibits in Argyle & our outreach activities). As we are located within the Manitoba Capital Region and central to the south Interlake, we are a great place to house this festival,” he wrote.

Whether or not the festival will take place depends on funding and volunteers. The museum has applied for funds from both the province and The Winnipeg Foundation and will also look for municipal funding. It is also looking for people to handle the different aspects of the festival such as administration, tour guides and those setting up the artworks.

“We will begin organizational meetings in January 2020, with funding decisions made in the end of January, change-over month will be February, with March 2020 as our opening month,” he wrote.

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