Balmoral residents want four-way stop at PR 236

Balmoral residents lobbied the RM of Rockwood for a four-way stop at the intersection of Provincial Road 236, Road 85 North and Road 6 East at the RM's council meeting on Sept. 25, 2019. It is currently a north-south stop. (Adam Peleshaty/The Stonewall Argus and Teulon Times/Postmedia Network)

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Balmoral resident Craig Lamm is quite determined when it comes to trying to get a four-way stop installed at the intersection of Provincial Road 236 at Road 85 North and Road 6 East. So determined in fact, he has claimed to have visited every house in the community to gain signatures for a petition regarding the community’s busiest intersection and counted the number of cars that went through it in a two-hour span.

Lamm, along with fellow Balmoral resident Joan Main, discussed two matters with Rockwood council at its meeting on Sept. 25: the creation of a four-way stop at the intersection and the installation of safety lights at the crossing between the Balmoral Recreation Centre and Sprucewood Place. He created a petition for council to consider the former and received 135 signatures out of 137 individuals, as well as letters of support from Lakeside MLA Ralph Eichler and the Interlake School Division.

A resolution for the four-way stop was defeated at a July 10 council meeting, but Rockwood reeve Wes Taplin admitted that council “put the cart before the horse” and didn’t consider the entire matter.

“Then you went along and spent some leg work to talk to everybody and the people need to be heard. For that, I apologize,” Taplin said to Lamm.

Lamm added he had been concerned with the amount of traffic going through the intersection and the speed at which those vehicles travelled.

“The speed limits have little effect on the traffic and it gets very, very busy. There’s kids, bikers, walkers; many people go through that location, which I only figured out by sitting on a lawn chair near there for two hours,” Lamm said. On Sept. 19 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., he counted 411 vehicles going through the intersection.

As for the crosswalk, Lamm recalled his own efforts to convince Rockwood council to create it over two decades ago. He asked for solar-powered safety lights as residents cross the road, which also received the support of nearly 150 residents and the Balmoral Childcare Centre. Taplin replied that the lights may be considered for the budget, but would still need consultation with the province.

Main, who has lived in Balmoral for 45 years, recited her own letter to council. She remarked how the community has changed in population and size and mentioned the increased traffic on PR 236 from both the south and the east and asked council to consider residents’ safety.

“We the citizens of Balmoral hope you will consider these points in making your decision,” she said. Taplin said that the original resolution for the four-way stop will need to be re-tabled before being voted on again.