Clive Hinds running for mayor in upcoming election

own of Stonewall councillor Clive Hinds, who is a long time resident of Stonewall, is running for mayor in the upcoming municipal election. (Brook Jones/Stonewall Argus & Teulon Times/Postmedia Network)

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Town of Stonewall councillor Clive Hinds is hoping all his hard work will payoff on election day as the local resident is running for mayor.

“We had the pleasure of starting off early on the campaign, which has paid off dividends for us because a lot of the newcomers understand who Clive Hinds is and what my platform stands for, ” Hinds told The Stonewall Argus & Teulon Times.

The Stonewall resident of 46 years explained that he is campaigning on the slogan ‘Your Community — Your Voice’.

“We want to hear from the community,” Hinds said. “This is paramount going forward because this way people will speak freely,” he said.
According to Hinds, he is advocating for the position of mayor as one that is full-time.
“People will have that option to see me when ever and however rather than waiting for a council meeting where they have to comes as a delegation.”

He said that there are more and more residents in Stonewall who are retired and seniors.

“We find that there is a slight disconnect between the residents and council,” he said. “Council seems to be on a hill and then you have the residents waiting to speak to whether it be councillor or a mayor and that usually takes place in the evening. We just want to change the dynamics and see if people can come and see us during the day.”

Hinds’ platform
• Community Voice – We will set up community input forums that will empower progress, making sure that every voice in Stonewall has the opportunity to be heard.
• Sports & Recreation – We are a sports town, and it is now time to have your ideas become a reality. You are investing in your children’s future, and so should we.
• Local Businesses – Our local businesses are key contributors to the strength of our community. They need the town’s support!
• Seniors Housing – We are grateful that you have chosen Stonewall to enjoy your retirement. We have started the journey to provide for you, but there is much further to go!
• Prudent Fiscal Management – With strategic and prudent management, much more is possible.

Sandra Smith, who is also running for mayor, was not available for comment prior to publication.