Manitoba Youth Job Centres now open

Eric Shinnie, youth engagement leader for the Manitoba Youth Job Centre in Teulon. (Handout)

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The majority of Manitoba Youth Job Centres, run by the province through Education and Training, opened their doors on May 13 and will operate until Aug. 16. Offices across the province are located in all 11 Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centres, with the remainder typically found inside local municipal offices, chambers of commerce and other community-based organizations.

This year, the communities of Ashern, Gimli, Lundar, Selkirk, Stonewall and Teulon will all have MYJCs, connecting locals aged 12 to 29 with local employers for summer jobs.

“We’re on our 44th year of providing assistance and help to job seekers from across the province and we provide employment referrals for casual, part-time and full-time work for employers ranging from businesses to homeowners,” Teulon MYJC youth engagement leader Eric Shinnie told The Stonewall Argus and Teulon Times.

Kendra Sabourin-Toro, youth engagement leader for the Gimli MYJC, wrote in an email to The Argus and Times that there are plenty of job opportunities with local employers.

“We have a wide range of job listings available. We currently have a few positions with the Icelandic Festival, Lakeview Resort, and the Betel Home Foundation. The pay among these jobs ranges depending on experience and knowledge,” she wrote.

“We function as a referral service. Students in those jobs will get paid the exact same as if they applied for the job themselves,” Shinnie added.

Youth aged 12 to 16 can also take part in their local Odd Job Squad which provides them with supervised work experiences, such as selling food, picking fruit or yard work. MYJCs can also help young people learn about the job search, including assistance with resumés, cover letters and interviews, as well as employment information and career development. The First Job Certificate Program, a program for for first-time job seekers which teaches skills such as customer service, money management, and professional skills/leadership, is also provided.

MYJCs located in the Interlake:

Ashern: RM of West Interlake office at 38 Main St., 204-302-0937,

Gimli: 2nd Floor, 62 2nd Ave. S.W., 204-641-1659,

Lundar: RM of Coldwell office at 35 Main St., 204-302-1018,

Selkirk: Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centre at 100-260 Superior Ave., 204-485-3230,

Stonewall: Town of Stonewall office  at 293 Main St., 204-461-1364,

Teulon: Civic Centre at 44 4th Ave. S.E., 204-861-0132,