Regelsky the Liberal candidate for Lakeside

Ilsa Regelsky, who resides near Argyle, Man., is the Liberal candidate for Lakeside in the 2019 Manitoba provincial election, which takes place on Sept. 10, 2019. (Photo credit: Manitoba Liberal Party)

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Ilsa Regelsky is a first-time candidate for elected office and is attempting to be the first Liberal MLA for Lakeside since former Manitoba premier Douglas Campbell, who represented the party from 1961 to 1969.

Regelsky, who resides near Argyle, is an environmental sciences student at the University of Manitoba. She had been a member of both the Quarry Ridge Pony Club near Stonewall and the 177 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in Winnipeg.

Her father Detlev has been nominated as the Liberal candidate for Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman in the upcoming federal election. Lakeside had no Liberal candidate in the 2016 provincial election.

Stonewall Argus: What has inspired you to run for Member of the Legislative Assembly?

Ilsa Regelsky: As someone who is passionate about helping others along with the environment, becoming involved in politics appeared to be the best way to make change to protect both people’s livelihoods, native wildlife, and the unique Manitoba ecosystem.

SA: How do you feel you can make a difference for your local community?

IR: I am educated in ecology, the one thing our local governments seem to put on the back burner. Part of the Manitoba ecosystem is our beautiful Lake Winnipeg along with surrounding wetlands and grasslands. I plan to protect and revive these ecosystems that bring millions of dollars to the Manitoba economy through fishing licenses, hunting licences, boating licenses, eco-tourism, and hydroelectricity. I also want to ensure that any policies that come into effect to protect these vital resources have minimal to no effect on local business and agriculture.

SA: What aspect of your party’s platform do you admire most in order to make a difference locally and for all residents of Manitoba?

IR: I admire their plans to take action for the environment. The environment has been ignored for years by previous governments and it is time we take action. Agricultural production will become increasingly unpredictable if we do not take action now.

SA: What is the number one issue in your mind for Lakeside?

IR: In Lakeside, I believe we need to concentrate on climate change along with improving senior living homes and home care for our aging population.

SA: What is the number one issue in your mind for the province?

IR: Lake Winnipeg is by far the most important issue in Manitoba. Not only does our fishing industry count on it, but leisurely activities and tourism bring millions in revenue for the province.