Blue Jays continue to soar with 7-6 record

Interlake Blue Jays’ pitcher Ryan Moroz takes a swing from home plate while Brennan Cheasly hovers between first and second base on June 8. Twyla Siple / Stonewall Argus & Teulon Times

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Interlake Blue Jays defeated the Altona Bisons on June 13, 9-6, in Stonewall, then lost to the Pembina Valley Orioles in their first game in Morden during their double-header on June 17, 5-9. In the second game against the Orioles, Interlakers narrowly took home the win 5-4, bringing their total record of wins 7 to 6 out of 13 games.

“It’s definitely a better start than last year,” Klint told The Interlake Spectator on June 12. “We gained a few guys that are going to post secondary education schools and they’re playing baseball at those schools, so the talent of our team has gotten better.”

Kint started managing the Interlake Blue Jays about 10 years ago and this is their second year back after a four-year break of not having enough players for a team.

He explained that as some previous players left their ranks, new ones have stepped in. “(They) have been doing a good job and our record reflects that,” Klint said.

Along with Tracey Proctor and Kent Klimke, Klint is proud to help build this Stonewall based team. He explained how there are really only a only few players that are actually from Stonewall.

“Pretty much everybody is from (somewhere in) the Interlake. (They come) from Stoney Mountain to East Selkirk, Petersfield and all the way up to (the) Lundar area. We draw from wherever we can get guys.”

While noting how awesome all the support from local communities and the players parents have been, he said that the people he appreciates the most are the players.

“Nobody really knows what’s going to happen (during the season). Thanks to them for taking a chance on coming out to Stonewall and giving us a shot,” he said.

“Hopefully we can (continue having) a good year this year. The players know that them coming out and working hard every day is something that definitely needs to be noticed.”

“A lot of these kids are working,” he explained that they get at least one practise in once a week, “we do as much (practising) as we can.”

They played make-up games against the Brandon Marlins on June 19 after their original game dates on June 9 were rescheduled due to their opponents, the Brandon Marlins, not having enough players, according to Blue Jays coach, Adam Klint.

Scores were unavailable at press time.