On top of his judo world

Stonewall resident Milton Good shows off his certificate for attaining his Rokunda in judo. Below: Good adjusts his judo belt. Brook Jones / Stonewall Argus & Teulon Times

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Milton Good has proven his passion for the sport of judo and has been rewarded for his efforts.

The 61-year-old was recently presented with his Rokudan, in other words his sixth degree black belt.

“I never ever thought I would get there. When I was put forward for this promotion, it comes along with hard work and time,” said Good, who has been involved with the sport since he was 11 years old.

Attaining his Rokudan this past May came with a lot of dedication and giving back to the sport of judo. For Good, a lot of his promotion has to do with him giving back by not only running his own judo club and hosting numerous tournaments over the years, but also his commitment to being a judo refereeing.

“Those kinds of things all help towards your promotion,” he said.

While attending the 2018 Canadian Judo Championships in Calgary, Alta., in May, he was also presented with an award for most outstanding contribution to refereeing during 2017.
In 2012, he was promoted to International A Level for refereeing, which is the highest level possible.

“That was a goal of mine when I started refereeing and I managed to achieve that one,” he said.

Good, who opened the Balmoral Club with his wife back in 1977 in Balmoral. The club then moved to the Stonewall Collegiate Institute in 1998. He said that the club has a membership of approximately 40 to 50 members per year.

“We just celebrated our 40th year of operation,” he said. “The club has grown over the years.”

Good explained that as many as 3,000 students have taken judo at the Balmoral Judo Club at one point in time and that the club has produced 18 black belts.

“Some of them are still with me and some of them are in other parts of the country,” he said. “I’ve had provincial champions and people on the national team.”

The last time Good competed was in 2009 at the Pan Am Veterans Championships where he competed in the open weight division.

“I thought I would retire on top,” he said. “That was my last competition.”

Good noted that he was recently elected as president of Judo Manitoba. He said that this new position is a way to give back even more to the sport.

“It’s something that gets in your blood. You just do it. I just love the sport, I love doing it, I love teaching it and I love seeing my students progress,” he added.